Apartment No.20 Darrous

Year: 2017

  • Area: 1500 
  • location: Tehran, Iran
  • Status: Built

No.20 Darrous residential apartment is 5 units, 5 story building located in an 8-meter width street of Darrous district, the

northern part of Tehran. Darrous used to be well known for its greenery and fine climate, old gardens, and distinct local identity. Face-to-face social interaction was very strong among neighbors. Villas were the dominant building type. The market force has changed the face of the neighborhood in the last 20 years. Although modest-low rise villas with large yards full of trees and pools are being replaced with 5 to 12 story apartments, a cultural tendency seems to survive: Most of the residents in this context come from rather conservative, traditional, and wealthy backgrounds and they tend to live with their family and relatives. Having this cultural trend in mind, we decided to facilitate social interactions among neighbors.