Chitgar lake Hotel

Year: 2018

  • Area: 15000 ㎡
  • location: Chitgar, Tehran, Iran
  • Status: Design concept
  • Graphic associates:
    Amirreza Teymouri

Designed in 2018 as a proposal for investment in one of the artificial islands in Chitgar Lake, the Tehran Hotel Plan is an innovative architectural project. The design prioritized maximum visibility of Chitgar artificial lake and Chitgar forest, while ensuring compliance with regulations and providing privacy for guests by sheltering hotel rooms from nearby residential towers.

The hotel features a large terrace for each room, offering guests an opportunity to enjoy the surrounding landscape. The hotel’s design allows for easy movement from the ground level to the roof, providing public access to stunning views of the surrounding area.

The Tehran Hotel Plan exemplifies a blend of architectural design with natural landscape, creating an innovative and functional space for guests to enjoy.