Damavand Villa

Year: 2019

  • Area: 1250 ㎡
  • location: Damavand
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Design Team:
    Maryam yousefi, Morteza Adib, Mohammd Gerami
  • Graphic associates:
    Mohammd Gerami

In 2019, Contextlogic Architects was approached by a client who owned an industrial company in Iran. They had a vision for renovating an existing villa on a 10,000 square meter property to create a space for family and business parties, as well as building a recreational pool with a small building. Eventually, the small building was expanded into a 1250 square meter villa with the pool in the center.

The villa’s ground floor features spaces for recreation and living, while the basement contains various sports and recreational facilities, including a squash court, family cinema, sauna and jacuzzi. Throughout the design process, the focus was on simplicity and minimalism.

The villa’s facade is made of white cement, set against a massive basement of raw local stone. The interior design of the villa has a rustic and serene atmosphere, allowing the employer and their family to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The landscape design complements the natural surroundings of the property, creating a sense of harmony with nature.

The villa’s design represents an experiment of merging of minimalist design with a rustic atmosphere and natural landscape. It provides a luxurious and peaceful retreat for the client and their guests, and a space for gatherings and celebrations.