Ghouchak Hotel, Eco-School and flower garden

Year: 2018

  • Area: 10 Hectare
  • location: Tehran, Iran
  • Status: Design concept
  • Design Team:
    Azade Rasouli, Sara Adeli

Located on the northeast side of Tehran, Ghochak is a picturesque area of the
Alborz Mountains renowned for its natural beauty. Our proposed development
for this 20-hectare site is a 100-room hotel overlooking a garden filled with native
flowers. This garden also serves as a nature school, providing an educational
center for students in Tehran to learn about the natural world.To maintain the
integrity of the site’s natural geo-morphology and topography, our design incorporates
these elements into the project. We’ve also included an educational
component in the program, creating a unique opportunity for visitors to not only
relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings but also to learn and engage with the