Gilard Apple Garden Villa

Year: 2022

  • Area: 1400 ㎡
  • location: Gilard, Damavand, Iran
  • Status: Design
  • Design Team:
    Lead Architect: Maryam Yousefi | Technical Director: Morteza Adib | Design team: Asal Hatef, Mohammad Gerami
  • Graphic associates:
    Amirreza Teymouri

Nestled amidst the verdant apple orchards of Gilard, Damavand, Iran, lies a a villa that stands as a testament to tranquility and modern elegance. Designed with the vision of a ‘blank canvas,’ this residence invites its dwellers to imprint their essence and character, creating a home that is as unique as their fingerprints.

The villa’s aesthetic is composed of robust interlocking cubic forms, a geometric dance of clean lines and minimalist beauty. The structure’s stark white façade contrasts harmoniously with the lush greenery of its surroundings, asserting itself as both a focal point and a respectful complement to the natural beauty of the landscape.

Each aspect of the villa’s design has been thoughtfully considered to celebrate the outdoors. The strategic placement of terraces and balconies serves as vantage points for panoramic views of the rolling orchards and the majestic mountains beyond. The seamless transition from the interior to the exterior spaces is a homage to the beauty of Gilard, allowing residents to live in harmony with the environment.

The ground level hosts a spacious living area that opens up to a serene pool, an oasis of relaxation that captures the reflection of the sky and the home’s geometric beauty. The meticulously landscaped garden is a nod to the local flora, enhancing the tranquil atmosphere.