Landscape Architecture of NIK Hospital

Year: 2021

  • Area: 3 Hectare
  • location: Nikabad, Isfahan
  • Status: Built
  • Design Team:
    Lead Architects: Maryam Yousefi, Morteza Adib
  • Photography Team:
    Arash Ashourina, Soroush Majidi

Nik Hospital and Clinic is a charity therapeutic complex located in Nikabad, a small town in the east of Isfahan province, close to Gavkhoni Wetland. The landscape architecture of Nick Hospital is consists of three hectares which is a part of a bigger development plan for the complex. The project is designed for better organization of the environment and increase the economic productivity of the charity.

The Landscape Architecture of Nik Hospital, is focused on creating a tranquil and healing environment for patients, visitors, and staff in an arid region of Iran. By employing xeriscaping techniques and integrating green spaces with natural elements, the hospital surroundings have been transformed into a sustainable oasis.

The central design philosophy for the Landscape Architecture of Nik Hospital revolves around establishing a connection between nature and human well-being, even in challenging arid conditions. By incorporating xeriscaping principles, natural light, and thoughtfully designed outdoor areas, a healing experience for patients has been enhanced, while promoting overall well-being for all who visit the hospital.

Sustainability has been a key consideration in the Landscape Architecture of Nik Hospital. Xeriscaping principles, along with the use of native and drought-tolerant plant species, permeable paving materials, and efficient irrigation systems, have been implemented to minimize the project’s environmental impact, while promoting biodiversity and water conservation.