NIK Rammed Earth Suites

Year: 2020

  • Area: 500 ㎡
  • location: Nikabad, Isfahan
  • Status: Design, Under Construction
  • Design Team:
    Lead Architects: Maryam Yousefi, Morteza Adib | Design Team: Mehraveh Mokhtarian, Asal Hatef, Yasaman Gholami | Structure: Abbas Poloei
  • Graphic associates:
    Mehraveh Mokhtarian, Amirreza Teymouri

In the vast stretches of Isfahan’s eastern desert, as a part of NIK Hospital, the NIK Rammed earth Residential Suite stands as a model of sustainable architecture, thoughtfully integrated into the natural topography, an example of Architecture as landscape. Designed with the comfort of hospital managers and guests in mind, this suite is a showcase of how innovative use of traditional materials can lead to modern thermal efficiency and striking aesthetics.

Crafted from locally-sourced rammed earth, the structure embodies a low environmental footprint while offering significant passive cooling and heating benefits. By incorporating the building into the earth, leveraging the soil’s natural insulating properties, the suite ensures a stable interior climate, protecting its inhabitants from the severe desert heat and piercing winds.

The design carefully considers the desert’s diurnal rhythms, allowing natural light to sculpt the space throughout the day, creating a canvas where light and shadow dance in harmony. As dusk falls, the suite adopts a new persona, a beacon of warmth against the cool desert night, with artificial lighting designed to accentuate the earthy tones and textures.